Signing up for ScreenScape

In order to get started with ScreenScape you need to sign up for an account.

The type of ScreenScape account you need depends on the role you are playing in a given place-based media initiative. Are you the Venue where the screens are located? Are you the network operator that coordinates and oversees a group of venues? Are you simply interested in creating and sharing content for other members to use on their screens? For help in understanding our three-tier membership model go here.

All members start as Content Members

All members of ScreenScape start as Content Members. Content Memberships provide users with a basic set of functionality that is needed to participate in the content creation process. You can get started with a free content member account by signing up now.

If you operate a screen on location…you need a Venue account

If you want to own and operate a ScreenScape display on location in your building, you need to upgrade your account to a Venue. Simply sign up and click the PUBLISH button and you will gain access to publishing tools and you will be able to create your own playlist to serve as the programming for your screens.

If you want to push content to multiple venues, you need a Group account

If you want to create a network consisting of multiple venues you need a Group! Upgrading to a Group is easy but you do need some help from the team at ScreenScape. Upgrade now.