ScreenScape Support Policy

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ScreenScape Networks Inc. is 100% committed to providing excellence in service and customer satisfaction.
In order to receive assistance from ScreenScape Support you must be a paying member of ScreenScape with an account that is in good standing.

What follows is ScreenScape’s official Support Policy.

What is ScreenScape?

Understanding ScreenScape is the first step in understanding our support policy. ScreenScape is by definition a “do-it-yourself” screen display authoring and content management software solution. ScreenScape Networks makes no representations or warranties for software or hardware employed by our customers which is not developed by ScreenScape Networks.

ScreenScape Networks provides an online service. ScreenScape is accessible by its members through the World Wide Web by logging in to “”. Every account has its own “display” which resides online at a custom ScreenScape address as configured by an account owner (i.e. All ScreenScape members must have a functioning broadband connection to the Internet to access ScreenScape services. Customer Support for Internet access is available through the members’ Internet Service Provider (ISP).

ScreenScape-powered displays are operated on location using 3rd party physical hardware (e.g. a Windows based PC). In order for a ScreenScape-powered display to function normally the media player must function normally. Display hardware generally consists of an Internet-connected PC, a screen, and an Internet connection device. Customer Support for these components is available through the vendors which provide them.

ScreenScape-powered displays depend upon hardware using 3rd-party computer software (“supporting software”) including, for example, Adobe Flash Player, a modern web browser, and an operating system. In order for a ScreenScape-powered screen display to function normally this supporting software must function normally. Customer Support for these components is available through the vendors which provide them.

ScreenScape Networks’ software operates in conjunction with industry-standard 3rd party display hardware and supporting software. While ScreenScape Support can provide its members with recommendations on the suitability and compatibility of 3rd-party hardware and software when used with ScreenScape products, ScreenScape cannot warrant or guarantee the successful operation of any 3rd-party product. ScreenScape is not responsible for misconfigured or malfunctioning 3rd-party hardware or software. ScreenScape Support 3rd-party hardware and software recommendations can be found here:

ScreenScape Networks provides customer support, subject to the limitations specified here, to all paying members of ScreenScape whose accounts are in good standing.

ScreenScape Networks does not provide content creation services through its Support function.

Support Resources

ScreenScape provides several resources to assist its customers in the successful operation of its service.

Downloadable guides
Instructional videos
Knowledge base

These resources are all available online and can be accessed from our support portal at

When to contact support

If you are unable to find the answer to a question you may have using the above resources or you are experiencing a problem with your ScreenScape account or service contact our support department using one of the methods listed below.

If you are experiencing a problem with your hardware, supporting software or your Internet connection contact your vendor.

How to contact Support

If you are in need of assistance you can contact our customer service department in the following ways.

Online at: https://www.screenscape.comcontact
or by email at:

Support Response

Support Hours: 7am- 5pm EST Monday to Friday

Your inquiry will be addressed within 1 business day.