How to use Tags

To help organize their day to day activities, any member of ScreenScape can create content and member Tags. These tags are used as a personal classification system for that member only. You can “tag” a content item or another member into one or more categories, making them easier to find and interact with later on.

You can use tags to:

  • Organize content into ordered playlists
  • Organize content into categories by subject, owner or type
  • Organize Community members into categories by venue type, location, ad campaign or status
  • Publish content to your playlists
  • Share groups of content item to specific members

Community Share Content and Member tags

Member Tags are only visible by the member that created them. No member can see another members’ Tags.

The Tag categories that are created are entirely up to each member. For example, one member may decide to create tags based on geography (“Baltimore”, “Calgary”, “Charlottetown”), while another might choose business opportunity as a logical theme (“Lead”, “Prospect”, “High Traffic”, “Client”, and “Supplier”). Members can be assigned or unassigned a tag at any time by the member that created them.

To create, edit or delete a tag, go the Actions dropdown in the Create, Publish or Community tabs and select Manage Content Tag or Manage Member Tag. Type the name of your new tag, or select the name of an existing tag to modify it. You can also assign a color to the tag, to further help with classifying and grouping your tags (e.g. “All my Advertising content tags are RED.”)


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