How to manage a playlist

ScreenScape displays operate from playlists. A playlist is an ordered collection of content items. A playlist is used to Publish content, in order, to one or more display screens associated with a Venue.

Publish Playlist

If you are a Venue you can view your account’s playlist by clicking on the Publish button. You might add to your playlist by creating new content, by publishing an otherwise unpublished item that has been residing in your portfolio, or by subscribing to 3rd-party content through the ScreenScape Community.

If you belong to a Group your Group partner can insert their items into your playlist to add to the dynamic mix of content that is playing on screens associated with your Venue.

Changes made to the items on the playlist take effect the next time the device connects to the ScreenScape network.

Managing Playlists

The 3 most common ways to manage a playlist are:

  • Active management – Publish and unpublish items to your playlist(s) on an as needed basis. Depending on how often your media player is set to connect to the network, you’ll see these changes take effect a few minutes after completion.
  • Publishing Content from a Tag

  • Scheduling – Publish an item to your Playlist with an ‘effective date’ in the future. This technique works with both begin dates and end dates. TIP: If you use this method, be sure to periodically ‘clean up’ expired items from your playlist – they add up!
  • Content Tags – Use a content tag to organize entire playlists in advance. For example, if you are starting a new menu at your restaurant next week, you could create a tag called ‘Week 27 2016 Menu’, then fill that tag with all the items for the new menu. Arrange the new items in the order you want. When week 27 arrives, remove all the old content and drag and drop the ‘Week 27 2016 Menu’ tag to your empty playlist.