What is involved in the Deployment Phase?

Depending on how much of your physical network already exists (e.g., screens are already in place) the deployment phase of your digital signage project may have a lot of moving parts. This outline provides a list of important considerations for managing a complex deployment. Don’t worry though, the experts at ScreenScape are here to help along the way!

Kick off Call – Discussion Includes:

  • Estimate Live Date
  • Group Account and Venue Details
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Getting started with ScreenScape Connect
  • Group Training (what is included)
  • Plans for Growth
  • Education on the deployment process, software, hardware – all

  • ScreenScape Connect

    In September 2014 we introduced a new and streamlined way to connect any TV to ScreenScape. What is ScreenScape Connect?</a


    Deployment Plan

    A Deployment Plan defines the sequence of operations or steps that must be carried to deliver changes into the digital Signage project. A typical ScreenScape Connect deployment plan involves setting up ScreenScape Connect devices and shipping them by courier to your retail partners. Your retail partners will unbox the device, plug it into a HDTV and get the device on their local area network. That’s really all that is needed to connect their TV to YOUR ScreenScape Group.

    Group Training – Administration and Content Creation

  • You will receive training on the Group Administration Tool (Group Account) approx 45 mins
  • Includes: (**see Group Training Script – link)
  • Group Training is recorded and a link will be sent to you after training is completed.
  • We will also cover the basics of Content Creation during the session – you will be provided wiht links to all tutorial videos on Content Creation and Design notes.

  • Content Creation

  • You will want to start creating your content prior to the screens being installed.
  • Best to have at least 1 piece of content in each venue prior to the day of install, so that the install can be confirmed by seeing the correct content and they are not empty playlists.
  • You will have access to all of ScreenScape’s pre-recording Content Training Videos for help.
  • Make sure to work with both your internal teams and 3rd party asset providers to use the best assets available. Collect existing current videos and images to use in your playlist to create a compelling display for those you are targeting.