WebView is a data provider used in specific ScreenScape templates. It allows a user to enter a web URL (web address like https://www.screenscape.com) to display web page content on a ScreenScape display.

What can I do with WebView?

WebView is particularly useful when you have rich visual content on a website that is simple and easily legible from a great distance, uses large fonts or simple large-sized images.  Even with those design constraints there’s a lot you can do with a WebView template.webview

  • display dynamic data
  • display HTML5 content that was designed for digital signage by a HTML5 content specialist
  • display a dynamic chart from a website
  • display graphics and charts generated by sites like Google docs
  • display status info from a website
  • display images generated by a high resolution webcam

When I search for WebView in ScreenManager, why don’t I find it?

The WebView template has some limitations and so it has not been released as a general purpose template. If you think you would benefit from a template using WebView, let our Customer Support Team know and they will contact you to discuss further options.

Which versions of ScreenScape players support WebView?

SmartPlayer 2 is the only version that supports WebView. The following ScreenScape players are supported. Click the links below for more information and purchasing options:

*Browser player and Smart Player 1 do not support WebView technology.