Venue Preferences

Venue Preferences are used to automate the Weather and RSS News.

SSN Weather and News

Every member has a Preference setting that defines their preferred Weather and RSS News source. These settings can be modified by going to “Preferences->Data Services

Preferences - Data Services

When creating a Content item that contains the Weather or RSS News, the default value is “Venue Preference”. Choosing “Venue Preference” signals that the Preference of the local Venue should be used whenever the Content item is played.

Venue Preference - Create Weather

Venue Preferences are recommended for Content that is published to other members in the Community. It will allow those who subscribe to your Content to play it on their local screens with their preferred local Weather and News.

Using a Venue Preference simplifies the act of publishing across large networks. They are strongly recommended for Content that is published by Group Managers to Venues in their network. The same Content item can be sent to 100’s of locations, with each location retaining control of basic choices like local Weather and News.