The Salon Professional Division of P&G, uses ScreenScape in their salons to lift sales.

The Challenge

“In order to be successful in the salon business, like any service business, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of onsite marketing,” says Michael Muia, owner of Michael’s Hair Salon in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Wella uses their ScreenScape digital signage to market to their customers in-house
Thousands of dollars in graphic design fees and printing costs were spent trying to engage clients with beautiful visuals while they visit the salon.
All that changed with the introduction of a new visually-rich retail marketing tool called ScreenScape.


Wella, The Salon Professional Division of P&G introduced ScreenScape to Michael as a means to lift sales. Michael stopped over-paying for his own onsite marketing materials and quickly implemented ScreenScape to populate the digital screens inside his salons.

With ScreenScape, he tapped into the professional P&G content that showed off the latest products in full high definition video and also started creating his own in-store promotions to showcase.


  • Easy-to-use software
  • No expensive graphic designer or videographer fees. You can create beautiful images yourself easily with ScreenScape!
  • Option to subscribe to professional curated videos and additional product messaging on Wella’s end, saving salons and stylists thousands in the process.
  • Enhance the salon experience
  • Lift sales
“By creating and curating these videos on our end, on an ongoing basis, we are able to enhance the salon experience while saving our stylists thousands in the process.”
Jeannette Keir

Commercial Leader for Wella, The Salon Professional Division of P&G, Canada.

“ScreenScape is easy-to-use software for savvy retail marketers who want to engage their customers with brilliant high-definition video but don’t have the budget to pay graphic designers or videographers thousands each year to do it. With ScreenScape, I can do it. And if I can do it, anybody can do it!”
Michael Muia

Owner of Michael’s Hair Salon

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