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Boost customer or employee facing visual communications with style using the ultimate toolkit for digital signage.

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ScreenScape Media Manager pairs with ScreenScape Connect to make Digital Signage a simple all-in-one solution. Why ScreenScape?

  • Simple Setup, Superior Design

    Set up in minutes with no IT mess. Our Media Manager is packed with professionally designed templates and media assets to create beautiful digital signs for your business with less investment and less hassle.

  • Scalable and Collaborative

    The true value of place-based media is unlocked when your network is running at full scale with a full complement of screens at every location that matters. Collaborate and share content with industry and community partners.

  • Cost-effective

    Save thousands on creative services, deployment challenges, and equipment costs. Our plug and play device can dramatically simplify a large scale roll out and our media editing tools allow non-professionals to achieve professional results. No hidden fees, no surprises. See pricing.

  • Increase Engagement

    Influence buying decisions and boost sales. Keep employees engaged and informed. From offices to shop floors, digital signage has now become a must-have communication tool at retail and in the workplace.

ScreenScape Digital Signage Reviews on Capterra and G2

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Empower your organization

Unlimited Media Manager accounts
Invite others to join in the collaborative process of building and managing your digital signage network.

Collaborate with stakeholders
Share your media, share your playlist or share access to your devices with industry and community partners, optionally, as desired.

Centralized Coordination & Control
Balancing flexibility with control, be the gatekeeper at the center of your own screen universe.

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Lower setup and deployment costs
A plug and play device can reduce deployment costs and dramatically simplify a national roll out.

No hidden fees, no surprises
Buy with confidence! Our pricing model is simple, straightforward and completely transparent.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
We lower TCO by giving you a completely self serve platform and more remote troubleshooting features.

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  • Free

    Content Member

    Start creating screen content with no fees

    • checkmark Import, Create and Share Media
    • checkmark Publish Media
    • checkmark Manage Devices
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    Extended Subscription 36 months
    Free Hardware $200

    Device FREE with Extended Subscription

    • checkmark Import, Create and Share Media
    • checkmark Publish Media
    • checkmark Manage Devices
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    Pay As You Go Subscription Monthly
    + Hardware $200

    One time fee, per screen

    • checkmark Import, Create and Share Media
    • checkmark Publish Media
    • checkmark Manage Devices