Effective employee communication

Workplace Digital Signage Made Simple.

From offices to shop floors, digital signage has now become a must-have communication tool in the workplace. Choose ScreenScape for beautiful workplace digital signage and receive more of the key benefits of effective employee communication with less cost and less IT burden.

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Introducing ScreenScape5

Enjoy our hassle free “anyone-can-do-it” set up process

Connect to any HDMI-enabled TV screen or projector

Choose from a wide assortment of professionally designed media templates

Create spectacular content using our best-of-breed media editor

Create media more easily by using drag-and-drop file imports

Connect to your favourite asset repositories for easy file imports

Upload a broad array of file types

Pick your preferred layout and style to format your screens or play your media in Full screen mode

Balance collaboration and control among key stakeholders using our modern sharing capabilities

Monitor your digital signage network health using our integrated device management tools

Workplace Digital Signage Benefits

  • Coordinate employee communications at the local, regional and national level
  • Reinforce key performance metrics where and when it is appropriate
  • Empower employees to communicate more effectively at management’s discretion
  • Recognize Employee Achievement
  • Promote health, wellness and safety
  • Transition to a greener, more hygienic, more cost-effective alternative to print and static signage
  • Foster a professional, progressive team atmosphere and office environment
  • Lower setup and deployment costs
  • Lower total cost of owning and managing a network
  • No hidden fees to surprise you

How Does it Work?

Connect your plug and play device

ScreenScape's plug and play Connect device

Create spectacular content

ScreenScape's plug and play Connect device

Monitor & manage your network

ScreenScape's plug and play Connect device

Put those screens to work

An example of workplace digital signage - Weekly Performance Ratings

Choose ScreenScape for beautiful workplace digital signage

…and receive more of the key benefits of effective employee communication with less cost and less IT burden.