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To be most effective in deploying and managing a place-based media network, a total solution is required. ScreenScape Connect offers a simple and cost effective way to procure plug-and-play devices and elegant software services ideal for coordinating content across a large and diverse network. Depending on the advanced needs of any given project, additional value-added services like network management, content creation and ad brokering, may be required.

If you or your organization is involved in delivering one or more of the components of this total solution, or if you simply have a customer base that is interested in place-based media as a way to engage customers in their places of business, we invite you to discover our partner programs and to start sharing in our success. What follows is a list of typical partner categories.

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Authorized Sales Agents (ASAs)

We welcome interest from qualified sales partners. A ScreenScape Authorized Sales Agent (ASA) is an organization that is eligible to receive monthly cash payments each time they successfully broker the sale of a ScreenScape Connect device by ScreenScape.

ASAs focus on lead generation and simply refer opportunities to ScreenScape. The transaction that is ultimately brokered takes place between ScreenScape and the end customer.

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A ScreenScape Reseller acts as a true intermediary in all aspects of the customer lifecycle; sales, invoicing, customer support and so on. Here are the main ways our reseller partners make money: 1) Gross margins on our core solution, ScreenScape Connect and 2) Selling additional value-added services (optional) such as network management (supporting the physical network), or content management (curating images and videos, or actively executing digital ad spots for your clients). It’s also not uncommon for our partners to sell equipment and graphic design services (or earn commissions for referrals to third-party partners).

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Network Operators

If you would like to add value to the process of owning and operating a digital signage network, and provide services to your customers even after the initial sale of ScreenScape Connect, you may choose to become a network operator.

The most common kinds of value-added services that network operators tend to sell in combination with ScreenScape Connect are: network management, content management, and ad brokering services.

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  • Content Service Providers

    Content Service Providers are organizations that help, in any number of ways, with the process of creating, sharing and publishing rich media such as videos and images that make place-based marketing more eye-catching, informative, and entertaining. ScreenScape offers content service providers a number of ways to participate in the ScreenScape Community and actively helps to link them with potential partners.

  • Sponsored Network Program

    From time-to-time ScreenScape is asked by a leading content partner or a not-for-profit company (“Sponsoree”) for a helping hand in developing their own digital signage network using a ScreenScape Group.

    Based on strict eligibility criteria, ScreenScape is happy to pitch in and help these organizations to get started with their own ScreenScape Group. When ScreenScape lends financial or operational support, or both, we call this a Sponsored Network and we are currently inviting applications to be considered for acceptance to the program.