Last modified: June 15, 2015

ScreenScape Networks Inc. is 100% committed to providing excellence in service and customer satisfaction. In order to receive assistance from ScreenScape Support you must be a paying member of ScreenScape with an account that is in good standing.

Support Resources

ScreenScape provides several resources to assist its customers in the successful operation of its service. These resources are all available online and can be accessed from our support portal at


Current system performance and availability status is posted on (“Trust”). In the case of unplanned system outages or problems, technical updates from our Operations and Support teams will be posted on Trust. A history of performance and availability status, as well as notices on planned maintenance outages, are also posted on Trust.

ScreenScape software operates in conjunction with industry-standard 3rd party display hardware and supporting software. ScreenScape cannot warrant or guarantee the successful operation of any 3rd-party product. ScreenScape is not responsible for misconfigured or malfunctioning 3rd-party hardware or software. ScreenScape does not provide content creation services through its Support function.

When to Contact Support

If you are unable to find the answer to a question you may have using the above resources, or if you are experiencing a problem with your ScreenScape account or service, contact our Support department using one of the methods listed below. If you are experiencing a problem with your TV, supporting software, your network or your Internet connection, please contact your vendor.

How to Contact Support

If you are in need of assistance you can contact our customer service department in the following ways.
Online at: or by email at:

Support Response

Support Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 8:00PM Eastern Time.
Your inquiry will usually be addressed within 1 business day.