How to Change a Playlist Theme

Every playlist that you create has a theme option that will be applied to your entire playlist. Each theme has a different background (aka wallpaper) with corresponding widget background colors.

In the example below, the playlist is utilizing the Light2 theme. It’s important to note that the Theme and the Layout are two separate things. The Playlist Layout applies to the physical position of your Media items and widgets, whereas, the Playlist Theme applies only to the background and overall color scheme.

Example of playlist theme

To change the Theme:

STEP 1: Select PLAYLIST in the top left of the ScreenScape application. This will take you to the Playlist page.

STEP 2: Double-click on the playlist in question to access the settings, or alternatively, click the Playlist once, and select the Edit option in the top right of the application.

STEP 3: On the top-right side of the page, click on the PROPERTIES tab, then select the drop down Theme window.

STEP 4: Choose from the available theme options. Make sure to click on Save when you are done.

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