ScreenScape Membership Types

These are the three different member types in the ScreenScape Community:

Content Member

Using a free account Content Members can create, and share content with other members. In order to program and operate a ScreenScape display you need to upgrade from a Content Member to a Venue.


ScreenScape Venues are places of business that operate Internet-enabled digital displays. These displays are used in a variety of ways to engage their visitors.

If you have one location and you want to run only one playlist, a Venue account is all you need.

A location in your case might be a sales counter, a lobby or a reception area, but it could really be anywhere you want to send a timely and targeted message.


If you are a network operator, a retail chain, or an organization with a need to communicate with people across multiple locations, you need a ScreenScape Group. Every new ScreenScape Connect/Smart Box subscription purchase includes a Group account.

A Group can consist of any number of Venues – the more Venues in your Group, the bigger the audience, the further your reach!

Group accounts are a way of sharing content to many locations through one central account and you need one to power an enterprise network.

An image showing the three different ScreenScape Member Types