Sorting and Pagination

Sorting your media is easy using ScreenScape5’s Media Manager. With our updated sorting and pagination functions, you can arrange items according to multiple criteria. Moreover, you can now limit the number of things you see on your screen with our updated pagination system.

How It Works

  1. Hit the tab which reflects which item you want to work with, i.e.: ‘MEDIA,’ ‘PLAYLISTS,’ or ‘DEVICES.’
  2. Select the number of items to be displayed. The number of selectable items ranges from 25 to 150.

An image showing the new sorting and pagination features

Alternatively, you can also select the box at the top left-hand corner to select all of your items quickly.

With the new sorting and pagination tools, we have made sorting your items easy by offering a fresh approach to how you organize your media, playlists and devices. Now, you can select the number of assets viewable on your screen, ranging from 25-150.

Image showing the number of items to view at once options

With the utility bar, you can quickly scroll through pages, rather than the infinite scroll previously implemented. The sort options may vary depending on which page you are on. MEDIA has six options; PLAYLISTS has five possibilities; DEVICES has six. You can also switch between listing either in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order or numerical and reverse numerical order.