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An image showing a bank reception area with financial services templates on a digital sign

New Financial Services Templates Available

January 26, 2021


We are excited to introduce a new family of financial services templates designed with retail banking in mind. These new templates pack a punch with their flat-design illustrations, striking images and bold typography. The templates are easily customizable and designed to work in a family or on their own.

An image showing the collection of financial services templates

Digital signage is ideal for financial institutions as it helps reinforce your company’s brand experience. It can reduce perceived wait times by showing the current wait-times and entertain your customers with news, weather, and upcoming promotions specific to each branch. With ScreenScape, keeping your content fresh and dynamic has never been easier.

The example below was made entirely in ScreenScape5 and is an excellent demonstration of a retail
banking playlist:

Learn how to tailor your Media and Playlists perfectly to your branding language in this Media Corner Video:

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