Device Installation & WiFi Setup Version 1

Setting up the ScreenScape Connect is quick and painless. With the proper equipment and a pre-mounted TV, you can be ready to go from start-to-finish in under 10 minutes.

ScreenScape digital signage support - Important Note Note: This device requires a Wi-Fi Internet connection for normal operation.

Before you begin

ScreenScape digital signage support - Connect Installation Diagram

Before you begin setting up a new display, you will need:

  • a ScreenScape Connect device
  • a HDMI enabled TV
  • access to a Wi-Fi network

You may also need:

  • an input device such as a keyboard (Bluetooth, wireless or USB)
  • a mini-USB to standard USB adapter to connect the keyboard to the device
  • a USB cable (provided) and USB power adapter (not provided) to power your device

1. Connect to TV

Connect the device to the HDMI port of a television.

Go the television’s Setup and switch the TV Input to the HDMI port used by the Connect.

After you switch your television to the correct HDMI input you should see content on the screen indicating that your ScreenScape Connect device is working.

Note: It is not uncommon for some TVs to have defective HDMI ports, or HDMI ports that are not compatible with the Connect device. The result is that the TV will return a ‘No signal’ message – it will not recognize that there is anything plugged in to the HDMI port in question. The most common resolution to this issue is to choose a different HDMI port on the same television. Seating the device more firmly in the HDMI port, or adjusting the HDMI settings in the TV Setup may also resolve the issue.

2. Connect to Power

Connect the device to a reliable power source.

The device may already be powered directly through the MHL HDMI port it’s plugged into, in which case no further action is required. If your device is being powered by an MHL enabled HDMI port it is important that you do not plug in the USB power cable as well.

If your television does NOT support the MHL standard, the device can be powered with the USB service port often found on the back of the television panel.

If a USB port is not available on your television, you can power it through a USB AC power adapter, similar to a charger for a cell phone. Use the provided micro-USB to Standard USB cable and the micro-USB OTG port on the device for USB power. A blue light on the back of the ScreenScape Connect device will indicate when it is powered ON.

Note: If the Connect device is drawing power from the television, powering the television on/off will also power the Connect device on/off.

3. Connect to Keyboard

Connect a keyboard to your device. Bluetooth, wireless or USB supported.

A keyboard is required to connect the device to the Internet. Read more about keyboard options.

Bluetooth: If you are using a bluetooth keyboard, press the bluetooth pairing button on your ScreenScape Connect device while in range of the keyboard. A series of setup steps will appear on the screen.

Wireless: If you are using a wireless keyboard, attach the wireless receiver that came with the keyboard to the mini USB port on the device with a mini USB adapter.

USB: If you are using a USB keyboard, attach the USB cord to the mini USB port on the device with a mini USB adapter.

Note: At any time while the Display is in operation, pressing the SPACE bar or ESC key on the keyboard will navigate the device to the Home screen. The Home screen allows you to adjust device settings such as Wi-Fi or ScreenScape account information.

4. Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect your device to a local Wi-Fi network.

This process is similar to connecting a smartphone to a new Wi-Fi network.

Navigate to the Home screen by pressing the space bar or the ESC key on your attached keyboard and select the Wi-Fi settings button in the lower right part of the screen.

The Wi-Fi setup wizard will detect and populate available Wi-Fi networks within range of the device. Select the appropriate Wi-Fi network and provide the password to the network. Once you have entered your Wi-Fi password press the Enter key on your keyboard to connect.

5. Connect to ScreenScape

Your Connect device is pre-assigned to a ScreenScape account on delivery.

This account may be suitable for you going forward, in which case no action is required for this step.

The name of the account assigned to the device is displayed on the Home screen in the lower right corner. It is also displayed on the screen when content first begins to play (optional). When the device turns on, it will automatically connect to this ScreenScape account. (Internet connection required)

To change the account assigned to your Connect device please contact Customer Support.

6. Connect to Content

Log in to your account at

This is a required step any time content is to be updated on the device. All Content is created, edited and published online at Changes to content made online will be communicated to the device through its Internet connection.

Note: Recent content changes made online may take several minutes to be communicated and downloaded to the Connect device.