The ScreenScape Connect requires a power source to operate. There are three different ways that you can power your Connect device as outlined below:

MHL Power

The device may already be powered directly through the MHL HDMI port it’s plugged into, in which case no further action is required. If your device is being powered by an MHL enabled HDMI port, it is important that you do not plug in the included USB power cable as well. You can easily tell if your HDMI port has MHL power if the blue Power status indicator light lights up when plugged into the port. If you observe any performance issues on your device while it’s being powered by an MHL port, try plugging the device into a regular HDMI port and power it via one of the methods listed below. 

Powered USB Port On Your Display

If your television does NOT support the MHL standard, the device can be powered via the USB service port often found on the back or side of the display panel. To do this, connect the Micro end of the provided USB cable to the Connect’s Micro USB On-The-Go (OTG) port, and connect the standard end of the USB cable to a powered USB port on your display. The Power status indicator will light blue when powered.

USB/AC Power Adapter

If a USB port is not available on your television, you can power the device via a USB AC power adapter, similar to a charger for a cell phone. Use the provided micro-USB to Standard USB cable and the micro-USB OTG port on the device for USB power. The Power status indicator will light blue when powered.