RMM – Connection Health Score

The connection health score is based on raw WiFi data collected, processed and rated using a specific set of predefined criteria. Connection health scores all start at 100 (perfect), and then points are deducted based on detracting events. 

The ScreenScape health score algorithm was designed to collect raw device metrics at a specific interval throughout a 24 hour period. The algorithm also has a predefined RMM event threshold. This is the number of required events in a 24 hour period before a device event is created in your connection event log. The system then looks at how many events were reported within that period, and your health score is adjusted accordingly. 

Health score rating scale:

  • 80 or higher good (green)
  • 60 – 70 is fair (yellow)
  • 59 or below is poor (red)


  • One of the WiFi metrics that we capture is the overall WiFi signal strength. Let’s say that your ScreenScape Connect device is set up on the outskirts of your WiFi routers reach. You also have the device installed in a heavily populated area, and several of your co-workers use that same WiFi network during work hours. This type of situation will probably cause your WiFi signal strength to fluctuate throughout the day. If your ScreenScape device has significant WiFi signal strength issues for a few hours out of the day, then the following action would be taken based on the ScreenScape connection health score algorithm: 
  • Over time, your connection health score would be significantly lowered. WiFi signal strength is significant for your device because it needs to send and receive important information to and from the ScreenScape servers. If your device’s WiFi connection is in a critical state for a long period of time, even if it is intermittent, we would consider it to be in a “poor” state, and your connection health score will be adjusted accordingly.

In the RMM dashboard, your connection health score would be reported something like this: 

In your connection event log, you will see an event alert that lets you know that your device is experiencing wifi issues.

My Connection Health Score is consistently low. What should I do? 

It is important to note that the connection health scores are calculated over time. If your device has a less than perfect connection health score, it does not necessarily indicate a problem requiring immediate attention. That being said, the RMM software was designed to give ScreenScape customers a bird’s eye view of their device’s overall health, so if an issue persists on a specific device, it will be logged, can be diagnosed and should be dealt with efficiently. 

If you see a consistently low connection health score, then here are some general troubleshooting recommendations that may help improve your score: 

  • Try connecting your device to a WiFi router that is located closer to your device. 
  • Try connecting your device to a less congested router with less traffic during business hours. 
  • If you’re connecting your device to a 5GHz WiFi signal, try connecting to its 2.4GHz variant. Although 5GHz offers higher WiFi speeds, it’s signal radius is significantly smaller than the 2.4GHz signal. Sometimes you can achieve a more stable WiFi connection by choosing the 2.4GHz option. 
  • Make sure you are using the included device power adapter. If the ScreenScape device is not receiving adequate power, then your WiFi connection will suffer. 
  • Consider switching to an Ethernet connection. If you have an Ethernet port available near your ScreenScape device, please contact your ScreenScape Sales Representative or ScreenScape Customer Success and request a certified Ethernet adapter.