Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Overview

What is ScreenScape Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)? 

ScreenScape offers an industry-leading Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system that is available inside every ScreenScape5 Media Manager account. The RMM tool gives ScreenScape customers the ability to monitor and manage their ScreenScape Connect Devices from a distance, via the internet. The RMM tool offers real-time monitoring, which means that you can see important device events as they are occurring.

RMM features include: 

  • Online/offline connection status in real-time
  • Internet/WiFi connection related events
  • Device and connection metrics:
    • CPU temperature
    • CPU usage
    • Disk usage
    • Memory usage
    • WiFi connection signal strength
  • Device events:
    • Device provisioning status
    • Playlist added/updated/changed
    • WiFi added/updated/changed
    • Player software version/update status
    • Device online/offline status
  • Device and connection health scores. A scientific algorithm uses raw metrics data to provide an overall health score for your physical hardware and internet connection. 

Real-time Connection Status

We’ve introduced an online/offline status icon to the device page card view, list view and the device edit page so that you can easily see if your ScreenScape Connect Device is connected to the internet and communicating with the ScreenScape servers. 

Connection and Device Event Logs

You can view up to the 10 most recent connection, device and system events in the device event log. Several important events can be listed in the event log, depending on the current status of your ScreenScape Connect Device. Connection or device events will be triggered when:

  • The device has come online or goes offline.
  • If the device’s internet connection has been added/updated or changed. 
  • If your WiFi signal strength has dropped below a critical threshold.
  • If the device’s CPU (temperature or usage), Memory or Hard Drive has crossed a critical threshold.

You can also view various system events as well. System events will be triggered when: 

  • Your device has been set up and configured for the first time.
  • When a playlist has been added, updated or changed.
  • If the device software has been updated. 

Connection and Device Health Scores

The connection and device health scores are based on raw RMM data processed and rated using a specific set of predefined criteria. Health scores all start at 100 (perfect), and then points are deducted based on detracting events. 


  • Your device’s CPU had been running overcapacity for a longer than normal period of time during the day. The CPU was in this state for about 6 hours in total. 
  • Your device also had some higher than normal memory usage during the day. This went on for about 15 minutes. 
  • Your device had some significant WiFi signal strength issues for about 2 hours during this time period. 

In this example, the following actions would be taken based on the ScreenScape health score algorithm: 

  • The device CPU health score would be set to 28. This score is quite low because it was in a critical state for such a long period of time during the day. This would be considered a “poor” state, and it would be reflected in the device health score tab. 
  • The device Memory health score would be set to 97. This score remains quite high because the device did not stay in a critical state for a very long time and was less impacting overall. We would consider this memory score to still be in a “good” state. 
  • Your connection health score would be set to 4. WiFi signal strength is vital for your device because it needs to send and receive important information. If your device’s WiFi connection is in a critical state for a long time, we consider it to be in a “poor” state, and your device’s connection health score will lower. 

In the RMM dashboard, your device health score will now be set to 72, and your connection health score will set to 4.

It is important to note that the connection and device health scores are calculated over time. If your device has a less than perfect connection or device health score, it does not necessarily indicate a problem requiring immediate attention. That being said, the RMM software was designed to give ScreenScape customers a bird’s eye view of their device’s overall health, so if an issue persists on a specific device, it will be logged, can be diagnosed and should be dealt with efficiently. 

Device Action Menu

The device action menu can be found on the save button’s right-side on the device edit page. From this menu, you can send a reboot command to your device, or you can force your device to update its playlist. This can be useful if your device is having issues downloading or playing your recently added playlist.