How to Use the ScreenScape-curated Asset Library

The ScreenScape-curated Asset Library is a repository of images, icons, design elements, design tools, and illustrations. The items inside it are created/curated by the ScreenScape creative team and are free to use for ScreenScape customers.

How to access the assets and use them in your media:

Open up the File Import Tool (there are two ways to do this)

STEP 1: In the Media Editor you can click on: + button – Add image

STEP 2: Click on: File Import Tool button

STEP 3: This is the File Import Tool (we also want to make sure the ScreenScape icon is selected) When it is selected you are in the Curated Asset Library

STEP 4: You can also reach the File Import Tool from the ScreenScape home screen by clicking on: avatar icon – “Upload files”

STEP 5: All of the different files are compartmentalized into different folders. For instance, photography is separated by: Holiday, Industries, Lifestyle

STEP 6: Once you open up a folder sometimes it’s best to toggle this icon to switch viewing modes

STEP 7: This is what it looks like when switched to icon view. To select an image just click on it

STEP 8: Once you have made your selection, click on: ” View/Edit Selected”

STEP 9: You can have up to 10 different items selected. After you are happy with your selections you can click on “Upload”

STEP 10: To add your image to your media, click on: “Add image”
inside the Media Editor

STEP 11: Viola! the asset will now be in your image library