RMM – Device Health Score

The device health score is based on raw device data collected, processed and rated using a specific set of predefined criteria. Device health scores all start at 100 (perfect), and then points are deducted based on detracting events. 

The ScreenScape health score algorithm was designed to collect raw device metrics at a specific interval throughout 24 hours. The algorithm also has a predefined RMM event threshold. This is the number of required events in 24 hours before a device event is created in your device event log. The system then looks at how many events were reported within that period, and your health score is adjusted accordingly. 

Currently, the following hardware components are being monitored on your device:

  • CPU Temperature
  • CPU Usage
  • Disk Usage
  • Memory Usage

Health score rating scale:

  • 80 or higher good (green)
  • 60 – 70 is fair (yellow)
  • 59 or below is poor (red)


  • Let’s say that your ScreenScape Connect device is having some issues playing back the current playlist that you’ve recently published. This playlist has several long, high-quality videos in the playlist and there are also several YouTube videos as well. This could cause your ScreenScape device to have increased CPU usage and/or high memory usage. If your ScreenScape device was having CPU and memory issues for a few hours out of the day, then the following action would be taken based on the ScreenScape device health score algorithm: 
  • Over time, your device health score would be lowered to signal that there is an outstanding issue. The device’s CPU and memory critical thresholds are set quite high as the ScreenScape Connect devices can function at a relatively high threshold for a long period. That being said, the device CPU and memory are vital for continuous playlist playback. If both remain in a critical state for a long period, even if it is intermittent, we would consider it to be in a “fair” state, and your device health score will be adjusted accordingly.

In the RMM dashboard, your device health score would be reported something like this:

In your device event log, you will see a couple of event alerts that let you know that your device is experiencing some CPU and memory usage issues.

My Device Health Score is consistently low. What should I do? 

It is important to note that the device health scores are calculated over time. If your device has a less than perfect device health score, it does not necessarily indicate a problem requiring immediate attention. That being said, the RMM software was designed to give ScreenScape customers a bird’s eye view of their device’s overall health, so if an issue persists on a specific device, it will be logged, can be diagnosed and should be dealt with efficiently. 

If you see a consistently low device health score, then here are some general troubleshooting recommendations that may help improve your score: 

  • Reboot your device. It could just be that your device has been running for several hours and hasn’t rebooted in a while. You can physically reboot your device by unplugging the power adapter and then plugging it back in. Alternatively, you can also reboot your device from within the device edit page using the actions drop-down menu. 
  • Review the playlist that you have assigned to the device in question. High-quality videos with long durations, which includes streaming video, tend to tax the device CPU and memory more than Media that contains images or text. If your playlist is filled primarily with long HD videos, streaming or otherwise, you may want to consider trimming your playlist a bit and removing some of the HD video media. Another option would be to change the playback order of your playlist so that the HD videos are spread out evenly throughout the playlist, interspersed with some image or text-based media.
  • Check to see where your device is currently installed. The devices should have adequate “breathing room” and the air vents on the device should not be blocked in any way. If the devices cannot adequately cool themselves then over time the playback experience will be affected. 
  • Make sure you are using the included device power adapter. If the ScreenScape device is not receiving adequate power, then your device will not perform adequately.

If your device health score is consistently low and you are unable to explain why then call our Customer Success team at 1-877-666-1975 (Option 7) or email them at support@screenscape.com and a representative will take a look at your device to determine if there is another issue occurring on the device.