How Can I Tell If My Device is Online?

If you have installed your Connect Device and have run through the WiFi setup menu then there are a few different ways that you can verify that your device is connected to the internet.

The first area you should check is within the Connect WiFi menu itself. Once you have run through the WiFi setup steps, your chosen network should appear in the Current Connection text box. If you see the words Not Connected then you should attempt to connect your device to your WiFi network again.

ScreenScape digital signage support - Connect WiFi Menu

Another way you can verify a successful internet connection is to reboot the device, once the WiFi has been setup, and watch for the WiFi connectivity icon. If you see the green WiFi icon appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen during the boot sequence then your device is successfully connected to your WiFi router. If the status icon is red then it means that there is a problem and you should attempt to enter your WiFi credentials again.

ScreenScape digital signage support - Connected WiFi Icon

A final way that you can tell if your device has been successfully connected to your WiFi network is to check your connection status using the Control tool. This tool is available within the ScreenScape software. To check your connection status just click on the Control button and then check the icon that is listed under the Connection column. If you see a green circle with a white check mark then you are connected to WiFi and communicating with the ScreenScape service. If you see nothing at all, or you see an orange circle with a white question mark, then that indicates there is a problem.

ScreenScape digital signage support - Connection Status Light

If you continue to have issues connecting to your WiFi network or if you require information about connection to a network with a higher level of security then please refer to the following help guides:

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