Hide & Lock Layers

Do you have trouble staying organized when editing your media? If so, you need to check out our new hide & lock layers function! The ability to hide and lock layers is a useful feature for editing media items without accidentally moving things you have already completed. Keeping a layer in place can reduce the frustration of unexpectedly moving assets, helping you keep your content looking great! The ability to hide layers keeps your canvases clean and comfortable for work.

How to Hide and Lock Layers

  1. To access these tools, first select the ‘MEDIA’ tab at the top of the screen. This tab is where media creation and editing takes place.
  2. Next, double click the media item that you want to edit. Once you have entered the editor, you will notice a tray on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the ‘DATA’ tab. This tray is the area that will allow you to organize media item layers.
    The first step to hide and lock your layers is to open your Media item

    The data tray is on the right-hand side of the media editor.


  4. To hide a layer, click the eye icon on the left side of the layer that you want to hide. Clicking this icon will remove the image from the editor, but keep it intact within the existing media. To turn this function off, simply click the icon a second time.

    Use the Hide icon to Hide your layer

    Shown above is the icon used to hide layers.


  6. Next is the locking function. Clicking the lock icon will lock a layer in position and ensures that it is not moved accidentally during the editing process. Just like earlier, to turn this function off, click the icon again.

    Use the Lock icon to Lock your layer

    Shown above is the icon used to lock a layer in place.