How to Delete Image and Video Assets

Deleting your image and video assets is simple.

STEP 1: From the MEDIA page, double-click on a media to access it’s settings. Alternatively, click the media item once, and then select the Edit option in the top right of the application.

STEP 2: Click on the  button at the bottom right of the application. Then, select which asset library you’d like to access. To access the image asset library, click on the  button. To access the video asset library, click on the  button.

STEP 3: Hover your mouse over the asset that you would like to delete. Then, click on the small X that will appear in the upper right hand corner of the asset.


  • Once an asset is deleted from an account it is not recoverable. If you want to reuse the asset then you will have to re-upload the original file.
  • If you delete an image or video asset that is currently being used in a Media item then don’t worry. The media item will continue to display your asset even though you have deleted it from your account.