How to Work with Shape Layers

Shape Layers are  a useful new feature that will improve your workflow when creating content for your digital signs. Follow along with these steps for some inspiration on how you can get the new Shape Layer feature looking spiffy on your digital signs. Throughout the article we will go over a couple of the key shapes you can create using this new exciting feature.


Locating the Shape Layer 

1: To locate the Shape Layer feature you will need to be in the media editor. Once you are inside the media editor click on the “plus button” and you will see the icon for “Shape Layer”

Resizing the shape 

1: To resize the shape, simply click on the shape and scale it to your preferred size by using the handles located on the edges of the shape


Making a Circle

1: On the shape layer in the layer tray click on the down-arrow icon

2: Click on “Add style”

3: Select “Border radius”

4: Use the slider to create a circle

A couple more tips:

  • Border radius is a good tool for creating rounded edge rectangles, and squares
  • Use “Add style” to select other options like “Filter”, “Box shadow”, and “Opacity”  (you can use multiple styles to create unique design assets)
  • Don’t forget “Copy style” and “Paste style” is a useful way to duplicate shapes that you have styled

Have fun creating!