Sharing Content

Content owners can set permissions to allow other Members to see and use their Content.

Content can be Shared to specific members, or to all members of the Community.

Sharing permissions can either be Shared, Not Shared, or Preview Only.

  • Shared content is visible and usable. It is listed in the Content area of Community Share.
  • Not Shared content is invisible to other members. It is visible and usable only by the Content Owner.
  • Preview Only content is visible to other members, but can’t be Published to their screens. This setting is often used by members who want everyone to see their content, but only want specific members to be able to publish it – for example, those who are selling content services.

By default, all Content you create is Not Shared with anyone until you decide to Share it.

Share a single item

To Share a single content item:

  • Login to your account.
  • Using either the Create, Publish or Community Share tabs, locate the piece of content you would like to share to the Community.
  • Click on the content name.
  • Select Sharing.



Share many items at once

To Share many content items to many members in a single action, we recommend using the Community Share interface.

Community Share is designed for large volume actions. For example, Sharing 100 content items with 100 members at once is easily accomplished with the Community Share tool. To use this tool:

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the Community Tab and select Share
  • Select the Content items on the left. (Alternatively, select a Content tag which already contains content items.)
  • Drag your selection to the member on the right. (Alternatively, drag it to a Member tag which contains many members.)
  • Select the Sharing permission you want: Shared, Not Shared, or Preview Only.
  • All selected content items will be set to the new permission.

Group Share