YouTube discontinued on Dell CloudConnect devices

If you are using a Dell CloudConnect to access ScreenScape4, please be advised: YouTube has discontinued service for their streaming video player for this generation of device.
YouTube discontinued on Dell CloudConnect devices due to API change
The Dell CloudConnect device uses a version of Android that is no longer supported by YouTube. As a result, ScreenScape4 users with a YouTube item in their playlist will see a blank screen for the duration of the YouTube video when displaying content on a Dell CloudConnect.

Resolutions include:

  • Replace the YouTube video item with a Hosted Video item uploaded to the ScreenScape service
  • Remove the YouTube video from your playlist
  • Contact ScreenScape Support for assistance in disabling streaming video – this will cause any YouTube items to be automatically skipped
  • Replace your older Dell CloudConnect with a newer ScreenScape4 device model
  • Consider moving your ScreenScape4 account to our latest release, ScreenScape5

We apologize for any disruption this may have caused.