This article will guide you through connecting your Instagram account to your ScreenScape digital signage service.  Once complete, your Instagram posts will automatically appear on your ScreenScape display when using the Instagram Template.

Expect the setup process to take approximately 15 minutes for a user with intermediate computer skills.

Step 1: Make a Zap using Zapier

  • Create a free Zapier account.
  • Once logged in to Zapier, click on the “MAKE A ZAP!” button.
  • Choose “Instagram” as the Trigger App.
  • Choose “New Media Posted” as the Instagram Trigger.
  • Connect your Instagram account.
  • (Optional) Enter your Instagram Username.
  • Test your Instagram trigger by fetching an existing media.
  • Choose “RSS by Zapier” as the Action App.
  • Choose “Create Item in Feed” as the RSS by Zapier Action.
  • To set up your RSS feed you will need to fill out the required fields (Copy the examples below). Once all have been entered, be sure to click the “Copy to clipboard” button at the top of the page. This is the URL you’ll use when creating your ScreenScape content:
  • Enter any value in the “Feed URL” section (e.g. “Instagram”).

  • Enter any value in the “Item Title” section (e.g. “Instagram RSS”):

  • Enter any value in the “Source URL” section (e.g. “”):

  • Add the following fields in “Content” section in this EXACT ORDER and ADD A SEMICOLON after each field. You can search for each of these fields by clicking the search button in the far right corner of the box:
    • User Profile Picture
    • User Username
    • Images Standard Resolution URL
    • Caption Text

  • Add the “Created Time” field in the “Pubdate” section. You can search for the “Created Time” field by clicking the search button to the far right:


Step 2: Publish ScreenScape Content

  • Now that you have finished creating your Instagram to RSS Zap, you will need to log into your ScreenScape account and create new content using the “Instagram” template.
  • Once you’ve located the Instagram template, paste the URL copied to your clipboard (in the earlier step) to the Feed Address (URL) field:


  • (optional) You can adjust the Item selection, sort by and other Advanced RSS settings as required.
  • Save your new content item and publish it to your display(s).

That’s it, you’re done! New Instagram posts after this setup is complete will now automatically appear on your ScreenScape display.

Here’s a sample: