How To Create and Manage Content Tags

What are Content Tags?

(Full demonstration in the video above)

ScreenScape digital signage support - Content Tags

Content Tags are flexible tools that help you organize content items into logical categories. They act like folders, or color-coded containers, that give your content items an organized structure. You can use these tags to perform follow-up actions like publishing or simply to make your ScreenScape content items easier for you to find.

There are two default Content Tags, called ‘My Content’ and ‘Subscribed Content’. All users have these two tags. They can’t be deleted, and content items are automatically added to them (no user action required).

  • ‘My Content’ includes all of the content items that you have created.
  • ‘Subscribed Content’ includes all of the content items that have been shared to you by others and that you have subscribed to at some point in the past.

You can create as many additional tags as you need, according to whatever logic that makes sense for your business. These tags are visible only to you, and cannot be shared with other members of the service.

You can add a content item to as many tags as you like. For example, an item with a video about how to check your oil could have two tags: “Educational content” and “Auto Repair”. You may want to use either tag later on to publish the same item to different venues where one tag or the other as appropriate.

When should you create a tag? Tags are useful whenever you want to establish a reliable, repeatable process. For example, you may want publish the same set of content items every time a new venue joins your group (“Station Identification”). Or, you may want to set the same playback schedule to apply to a specific group of items (“Happy Holidays”). If the schedule needs to be updated later, you can perform the update to all items in the same tag and be confident that you haven’t missed any.

Finally, you can create and delete tags whenever you like. Deleting a tag, or removing an item from a tag, has no effect on the content items themselves. The items will always be available in one of the default Content Tags, ‘My Content’ or ‘Subscribed Content’, no matter how they are organized in other tags.

TIP: Deleting a content item will remove it from all tags and permanently delete the item. If you think you’ll want that content to be available in the future, just remove it from your personal tags; it will still be available under My Content. Once a content item is deleted, it’s gone forever.