By selecting an account or specific device, you can initiate a remote action. Note: Remote actions are only available on devices running Smart Player.

Screengrab Action overview 3


  1. Select an account or a device
  2. Select an action







Actions include:


Action Descriptions

Show network


This action provides a network visualization of the device(s) controlled by the user.

For Venues, the centre node of the visualization represents the venue account, with orbiting icons representing device(s) assigned to that account.

For Groups, the centre node of the visualization represents the group account, with the innermost layer representing venues, and the outermost layer representing device(s) assigned to that each venue.

Each device is orbited by 6 status icons, representing: Device details, Connection, Playlist, Content, Performance, and Bandwidth. Selecting a status icon navigates the user to the status details for that device (see Device Monitoring).


Show screenshot(s)


This action shows a gallery of the latest screenshot(s) for all devices controlled by the user.

The ‘Show screenshot’ action is useful to see on screen popups, such as security warnings, that may be visible to local audiences but difficult to detect remotely.

While in the screenshot gallery, click on any thumbnail image to enlarge. Select Details to navigate to the device in the Control dashboard.


Send screenshot


This action will result in an email with an image of the current view on the display screen. Either the next content item or all content items can be emailed. Screenshots are useful for proof of play, and for troubleshooting.




Disable YouTube


Disabling YouTube is used to limit bandwidth consumption, since it is the #1 consumer of bandwidth on most digital signage devices.

This action will prevent the device from accessing YouTube. Once the player receives this instruction, all content items that contain YouTube will be automatically skipped. This action will only apply to this specific device.



Limit bandwidth


This action controls the hours of the day that the device should be prevented from downloading new images and video.

This action is only recommended for locations with limited access to high bandwidth.




Identify player(s)


This action will assist in identifying the source of a live display. It will temporarily interrupt normal operation of the display.

Once the player receives this instruction the Player name will be briefly presented on the screen, after which the normal playlist will resume.



Restart playlist


This action will restart the playlist on the selected device(s) at the playlist location indicated by the user.

If the device is in the middle of playing content (e.g. a video), the device will wait until the content item completes before taking the action.





Reboot player


This action will reboot the physical device. Once the player receives this instruction, the device will be shut down and restarted.

Before rebooting the player will wait, up to a maximum of 2 minutes, until the current content item has completed.


Disconnect device


This action will unassign the device from the current account. This step is often taken to decommission a device in order to free up a Smart Player license.

After executing this action, the device will no longer be remotely accessible. Manual intervention is required to restore access.