How To Create and Manage Member Tags

What are Member Tags?

ScreenScape digital signage support - Member Tags

Member Tags are flexible tools that help you organize members into logical categories. They act like folders, or color-coded containers, that give your content items an organized structure. You can use Member Tags to perform follow-up actions like publishing, or simply to make your ScreenScape Members easier for you to find.

There is one default Member Tag, called ‘My Group’. All users have this tag. It can’t be deleted, and all member accounts are automatically added to it (no user action required).

You can create as many additional Member Tags as you need, according to whatever logic that makes sense for your business. These tags are visible only to you, and cannot be shared with other members of the service.

You can add a member account to as many tags as you like. For example, you may have a business location that is located in your Eastern Division. This member account can be placed in a content tag titled “East Division” but it could also be placed in a member tag that holds all accounts located in the East and West Regions.

When should you create a Member Tag? Tags are useful whenever you want to establish a reliable, repeatable process. For example, you may have location specific content items that you would like to be able to publish to the corresponding accounts quickly and easily. Sorting your Members into sub categories make this publishing scenario a breeze.

Creating a new Member Tag is simple:

  1. While on the Publish tab, click on the Actions dropdown menu located just above the Member column.
  2. Select Manage Member Tags.
  3. Give your new Member Tag a name. If you would like, you can also select a custom colour for your new tag.
  4. Click Add and then click Done.

ScreenScape digital signage support - Manage Member Tags

Finally, you can create and delete tags whenever you like. Deleting a tag, or removing a member from a tag, has no effect on the members themselves. Your member accounts will always be available in the Members column, no matter how they are organized in other tags.