Personalize “My Account”

“My Account” has been updated in ScreenScape5 to allow for personalization and more free account management. Personalize “My Account” to give your ScreenScape5 a customized user experience. Personalizing “My Account” will enable users to take more ownership of their digital signage solutions! With the changes to this feature, you can now add a user avatar, user information and manage your password in-app.

To access “My Account” settings, once logged in, click on the user icon found on the ScreenScape5 media manager’s far-right.

Access My Account in SSN5

Access “My Account” from the SSN5 Media Manager.

This action will result in the “My Account” pop-up window to appear. Under the “Profile” tab, navigate to the “user avatar,” and click.

Change an Avatar

Personalize “My Account” avatar in ScreenScape5.

Now you can select a user avatar from a list of existing media assets or upload a new file. (If you sign up with Google, ScreenScape will automatically grab your Google Account Gravatar).

Below the User Avatar, you also now have the option to designate a name to associate with your ScreenScape 5 account. While it may seem like a small detail, personalizing “My Account” with your first and last name will help you and your business in collaborative efforts, while making sharing and organizing media much simpler!