To create a report, select an option from the Actions drop down menu (to create either a summary report or detailed report) and then select a date range.



The Date Range fields define the range of the list for a report. Only content with playbacks that fall within the time frame of the Date Range are shown. The default Date Range value is one month. You can only run a report that goes back a maximum of six months or contains less than 65,000 records. If you are unable to create a report, try limiting your range.

Once you have selected a date range click the create Report button. Reports are created in the Comma Separated Values (.csv) format for importing into spreadsheets and databases.

Is information on what my screens play exposed to others on the network?

Yes, but only selectively. Playback information for your Display for content that belongs to you is never shared with other members.

Can I report on deleted content?

As long as a piece of content has played once you can retrieve data on it using the Tracking tool.

How far back can I retrieve data on my content playbacks?

You can go back as far as six months to retrieve playback data about your content.