What is Content Tracking?

Content tracking is used to see when and where a published content item has played on TV screens. ScreenScape members use the Track tool to verify these “playbacks”, most often used as proof-of-play reports for advertisers who pay a fee every time their content is played.

The Track Tool provides detailed data on content that has been played on a screen display.

A member can run reports on content they’ve created or content they’ve published on their displays.

To track content, select a content by clicking on the checkbox next to the content item’s name. You’ll see a summary of the content playbacks in the graph view above the content list.

You’re also able to have reports emailed to you. Two types of reports can be generated: a detailed report that includes data on each individual playback of every piece of content, and a summary report that aggregates the data in the detail report piece by piece.


ScreenScape digital signage Support - Playback Analytics

Using the Graph

Selecting the check boxes to the left of each piece of content will make them appear in the graph at the top of the Track Tool.

Column: Playbacks

This column displays the total number of times the content was played in Displays, within the time frame defined in the Date Range.

Column: Updated On

This column displays the last date that the content was updated.

Column: Last Played

This column displays the last date that the content was played.