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Now you can lock media layers to prevent editing

New Feature: Now you can lock any layer of a media item to prevent further editing

May 13, 2020


Last May we introduced Layer styles, a collection of formatting features that allows designers to fine tune the look and feel of each layer in a media item. Today we’re introducing a small-but-mighty feature to our media editor that allows designers to lock down the editability of any given layer.

When you lock media layers, you can help to ensure that key design elements, which you have carefully styled, will not be re-edited by mistake. This comes in really handy when you’re working on a complex media item with many stylized layers.

Furthermore, when a user shares a media item they can now first choose to lock some layers of the media item they are sharing. This helps to prevent a colleague from inadvertently messing up the style of the media item, or signal to the colleague that the layer shouldn’t be changed at all.

Watch the Media Corner video for examples of how useful this feature can be to you and your team:

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