How To Publish and Unpublish Content

What is Publishing?

Publishing to venues in a group is the act of taking content items and adding them to the live playlist of at least one venue. Groups generally have many venues (from a handful to hundreds), and can have hundreds of content items ready to publish. The Publish tool for groups is designed to make it easier to manage the process of publishing many content items to many venues at the same time.

The Publish tool for Groups is organized into 4 basic areas:

  • Content Tags
  • Content items
  • Members
  • Member Tags

You can do work individually in any area (e.g. create a new content tag, edit a content item’s schedule, change a venue logo, update a venue tag). Or, you can make any one of the four areas work together.

The easiest way to make two areas of the Publish tool work together is with a “drag and drop”. You select an item from one area, drag the selection overtop another area, and drop it. The resulting action will vary depending on which item you selected, and to which area you dragged it.

For example, you could drag a content item to a content tag, which would add the item to the tag. Or, you could drag a content tag to a venue, which would add all of the items in the tag to the venue’s playlist.

ScreenScape digital signage support - Group Publish basics

ScreenScape digital signage support - Group Publish drag and drop